Poor Credit Car Finance

Having a poor credit history can have an impact on your ability to get car finance. Whether it is from financial difficulties, mortgage arrears or CCJs, it is a reputation that can unfortunately follow you around, limiting your ability to borrow money. Sometimes, it is a reputation that is entirely unfounded, based on factors such as self-employment.

At Car Finance 4U, we believe that everyone deserves a chance. Therefore, we have a car finance service tailored specifically for those with poor credit history. Combining a careful payment plan and our reputation with lenders, we provide a perfect service for people with poor credit history. It will allow you to get behind the wheel of your desired car in no time at all.

Why might Car Finance 4U be the best option for people with poor credit history?

Many people who have a poor credit history and wish to get car finance decide to apply for a number of loans to finance their cars. They do so in the hope that at least one will approve their application. This, in fact, can only serve to damage your credit rating even further. Every time you apply for one of these loans a note is added to your credit file. Making a number of applications can lead to a note that you are financially desperate. This thereby limits your chances of being allowed to borrow money now and in the future.

A much safer option – as well as being much faster and easier – is to cut out the middleman and come directly to a provider like Car Finance 4U. We provide car finance to people with poor credit histories. It simply requires filling out an application form. Once approved, we can work with you to come up with a perfect payment plan to meet your unique requirements, one that can also help to rebuild your credit history as well. You can also begin shopping for your brand new car as soon as finance has been approved, rather than having to wait for a loan to be delivered.

Why choose Car Finance 4U when you need car financing?

An enormous 95% of the people who use Car Finance 4U to buy a new or second hand car are returning customers. This shows how our company is not only one of the longest standing names in the industry – we have been a company for almost two decades, since 1996 – but one of the most popular and well respected. We deliver nationwide and put the cars we supply through a 136 quality point test to ensure they are meeting your every need.