Family Car Finance

We understand the financial pressures that many families face, and we understand the importance that the right car can have when you are supporting a family. For both of these reasons, Car Finance 4U offers a unique service that caters exclusively for families looking to upgrade their vehicle to something more suitable.

Car Finance 4U allows you an alternative to having to save up for the family car you want. With us, you can simply agree to a fair and reasonable payment plan in which you will pay for the car in monthly instalments. You don’t have to wait until payment has been complete to drive away with the family car you want. Instead, you can get behind the wheel as soon as the plan has been finalised with your signature – we deliver it straight to your home address. It couldn’t be quicker, easier or more effective.

  • Low rates starting at 5.0%
  • No deposit required
  • All circumstances considered
  • Decision made in 15 minutes
  • We can deliver the car to your home address

Where our family car finance service is different from other ones we provide is in the range of vehicles. We allow you to browse competitive price plans on cars that are made specifically for families, which can then be delivered as your payment plan is agreed upon. Car Finance 4U puts each of these family cars through a rigorous 136 quality point inspection to ensure you are only getting the best car when you choose a payment plan from us.

Why choose Car Finance 4U for family car finance?

Car Finance 4U is one of the most respected, reliable and popular companies in the industry when it comes to providing car finance. Our innovative family car finance plan is just one example of how we work to give our customers the best deal. It’s for precisely this reason, furthermore, that we have a 95% statistic for returning customers.

Car Finance 4U have been in the business for many years having established the company back in 1996. Our two decades of business has allowed us to understand exactly what customers want when they apply for car finance and deliver exceptional results.