Affordable Car Finance In St Helens

If you are looking for Car finance in St Helens, look no further. Car Finance 4 U are here to help you get the credit you need for your new vehicle.

How Can I Afford A New Or Used Car?

There is no need to think you cannot afford a new car as you have many options available to you.

The most straightforward method is to pay with cash. There are no extra charges for this payment method; however there are not many people who can afford to pay the full amount for a new or used car upfront.

Another option is to pay with a credit card. Interest will be charged at the rate set by the card provider, which can sometimes be 0% if you are lucky. But, again, most people don’t have a credit limit that can cover the costs of a car, which can sometimes be in the tens of thousands of pounds.

You could also take out a loan. However, this option may not be available to everyone and there is still a level of interest to pay. Also, sometimes, a form of collateral is needed, which tends to be your house, and some may not be able to offer this or feel comfortable in doing so.

But one of the most common methods of covering the cost of a new car is to take out car finance. You can get more information about this below.

What Does Car Finance Involve?

Car finance for St Helens is how the majority of people can afford to cover the cost of a new or used car. Rather than having to pay the full amount upfront, customers have the freedom to pay small amounts off on a monthly basis.

There are different types of finance options and it is important that you choose the one that is best for you and your circumstances.
How Does Car Finance Work? Will I Have To Pay It Forever?

No, you will not have to make car finance payments forever. Each product works in their own different way but generally, what you will find is that the finance company purchases the car on your behalf. Then you have to repay the value with additional interest on your payments. You can find 0% deals if you take the time to have a look around to save you some money.

St Helens car finance agreements are typically secured against the vehicle for the duration of your contract. You will find that most contracts are between 3 and 4 years and during this time, the finance company will own your car (not the motor dealer, as some incorrectly assume).

When you get to the end of your agreement and all the repayments have been made, you will have full ownership of your car.

Can Anyone Get Car Finance?

We consider many different types of applications.

In ordinary circumstances, if you have got bad credit or no credit, you may find it difficult to get car finance. But we do offer solutions for people who have poor credit ratings, bad credit ratings or no credit ratings at all. Unlike many car finance providers, we believe most people deserve a chance despite their credit history, and we will work with you to come up with a plan that suits both parties.

Do I Need To Check The Car’s History?

If you are planning to buy a used car, you should always make sure you check its history before you hand over your money. We will also ensure that you are only getting the best car – we have a 136 quality point inspection that we apply to all our cars.
What Types Of Packages Does Car Finance 4 U Offer?

Car Finance 4 U offers 2 different types of car financing packages: hire purchase and personal contract purchase.

Hire Purchase

This is the easiest method to use when purchasing a car. With this sort of agreement, you will have to pay a deposit and then make monthly repayments to cover the rest. The finance company will own the car until you are able to make the final payment and have made an “option to purchase” ownership transfer fee, if there is one. Until you have done this, you will not have any rights to sell your vehicle.

How do you know if a hire purchase agreement is right for you? If you answer yes to most of these questions, it is recommended that you do this package:

  • Do you want to own the vehicle in the end?
  • Are you able to make monthly repayments with your current budget?
  • Is it likely that your disposable income will decrease during the term of the contract? (an example would be planning to start a family)
  • Do you mind not fully owning the car until you have fully repaid the debt?

Personal Contract Purchase

If you opt for a personal contract purchase, you will find that there are some similarities to hire purchasing, in as much as there is a deposit to pay and you will then have to make a fixed repayment every month. However, the difference lies at the end of the term, as you will have the option of returning your car, keeping it or trading it in for a new one.

There is no cost to return the car, but if you decide you want to keep it, you will have to make the final payment, which will be the guaranteed future value (you agreed this amount at the start of your contract). This number will vary from person to person as it is influenced by how much mileage you expect to do and the length of your loan.

So, is a personal contract purchase the best option for you? Think about these questions and if you answer yes, you should go for it:

  • Do you want to make low repayment on a monthly basis?
  • Do you want to have several options available to you when your agreement comes to an end?
  • Can you estimate your mileage comfortably and confidently?