Car Finance Manchester – Apply Online Today for a Fast Quote!

If you are in Manchester and you are looking for car finance, look no further than Car Finance 4 U’s shiny new web page. Car Finance 4 U pride ourselves on providing excellent deals on car finance in Manchester and beyond, with every circumstance considered and every decision made in record time. Our low interest rates and specialised, personal service mean everyone has the chance to buy their dream car.

What is Car Finance and How Does it Work?

Car finance is used to help spread the cost of a new or used car, to avoid having to pay a large amount at once. This makes the cost more manageable, as it is spread out over longer periods of time and is paid in smaller increments. Some showrooms and dealerships will offer their own selection of finance packages, but look online at dedicated car finance providers like Car Finance 4 U for the best deals on your car finance in Manchester and beyond.

“Car finance” essentially means that the finance company will buy the car on your behalf, and you then pay them back for it, plus interest, over the course of a few years, usually three or four. After this period is up, the car is yours, unless you specified that you wanted a hire or rental contract, in which case you will simply leave it back to the dealership.

How Does Car Finance 4 U Stand Out?

At Car Finance 4 U, we take great pride in providing our customers with the best rates available, with a few excellent perks and peerless customer service on top. We are sure that Car Finance 4 U is in a league of its own, for several reasons.

Car Finance 4 U is very affordable for the new buyer or those who simply enjoy a great deal. We charge low interest, starting at only 5.0%, meaning that a plan from Car Finance 4 U will result in a cheaper car overall as well as giving our customers more money to spend elsewhere.

You also do not need to pay a deposit to take out one of our plans, so there is no need to delay getting a car while you pinch pennies and tighten your belt – you can just apply and go right away. All circumstances are considered here at Car Finance 4 U, so when an application is received you can be sure it won’t be dismissed outright. Every application is treated seriously. It is the first step in our ultimate goal to provide affordable car finance to everyone we can.

Your application will be reviewed and a decision made within fifteen minutes of being received, so you won’t have to stay on hold for hours or wait days for a letter or email – one of our team will call you back in a matter of minutes so you can close the deal right then and get into your new car.

Perhaps best of all, Car Finance 4 U will deliver your new car that day, right to your door. No need to sort out a delivery or find your way to the dealership: we’ll drive the car right to you.

And lastly, we are available online all across the UK, so no matter if you need car finance in Manchester or London, we will be a click away. You do not need to concern yourself with carefully filing application letters and going to the post office, or about heading to our offices: it is all online, just a click of the mouse away.

So, to sum up: Getting a car finance deal from Car Finance 4 U needs no deposit, has super-low interest rates, and all circumstances are considered, no matter what. You will be able to sort it all out from your computer or on a phone, you will get a decision within fifteen minutes about whether you have been successful, and then the car will be driven right to you that very same day.

Sounds pretty good, right?

The 4 Easy Steps

Getting your car finance from us, in Manchester or across the UK, couldn’t be easier. Simply follow these four steps and you’re sorted:

  1. Apply Online

Applying for car finance on our site is quick and easy, only taking a minute or two to complete.

  1. Receive Approval

A team member from our side of the phone will call you back within fifteen minutes with the news.

  1. Choose Your Car

We have over 500 cars in stock for you to choose from, so you have plenty of choice.

  1. Drive Away

Drive away in your new car or have it delivered to your front door the very same day.

That is all there is to it. In under twenty minutes, your car finance was absolutely sorted by Car Finance 4 U. Now enjoy your new car and your affordable, easy finance plan.

Car History Check

It is not usually part of the process for getting car finance, but when buying a used car it is important to get a good, accurate history of the car you are looking at. It is possible that the mileage has been tampered with to appear lower, or that the car has been involved in some sort of accident that has not been resolved. It is even possible that the previous owner wrongly traded it in without finishing payments on their own car finance plan, making the car the property of the car finance company, not the dealership. There are several agencies that can help you figure out the history of a car before you buy it, shop around for them and make sure you get the car you think you are getting. We also provide a 136 quality point test to ensure you are only getting the top standard of vehicle.