Car Finance For First-Time Buyers

Buying a car as a first-time buyer can be an intense experience – doing anything for the first time is scary, and a car is probably going to be the second-biggest purchase of your life (after a house, of course, unless your car is really expensive).

HowEver, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task: Car Finance – 4U can help you along every step of the way, providing you with the money to buy your first car and offering an enormous range of cars for you to choose from, all with great deals if you buy them with our finance. Best of all, we don’t require a deposit or any prior credit history, which are both things that often hold back first-time buyers and force them to wait years for the chance to buy their first car.

Instead of making first-time buyers scrimp and save for a deposit, we instead consider their case on its individual merits, and rather than asking for a long, detailed credit history or a laundry list of good investments, we simply ask for an application. We know what sorts of things usually stop first-time buyers from being able to finance a car, and we are dedicated to helping you get around them.

Car Finance – 4U offers a different way to save for the car of your dreams, by simply setting up a payment plan with us. We’ll front the money for the car, and you’ll repay us in monthly instalments that we’ve agreed upon beforehand. You’ll know how much to pay each month and for how long, so you’ll be able to budget around them, and you can get behind the wheel the very same day! Our first-time buyer car finance is designed to get you on the road as quickly and easily as possible, with a decision being made in fifteen minutes or less.

Our rates stat as low as 5.0% and all circumstances are considered, so whatever your situation, if you want to get on the road in a car of your own, we can help. Don’t let your first car be a distant dream – call Car Finance 4 U and ask about our car finance for first-time buyers.

Car Finance – 4U has over 4000 cars in stock right now, so if you’re looking for that perfect First Dream Car, we’ve got it

The finance application at Car Finance – 4U is straightforward and simple, and once it’s filled out we will have an answer for you in 15 minutes or less. Our experienced team will be right there to discuss any issues you have from the moment of acceptance.