Bad Credit Car Finance

There are plenty of understandable reasons why someone may have a bad credit score. It could have arisen from a misunderstanding between yourself and the lender, sometimes hardships impede your ability to meet the terms, or perhaps you have never even been given a credit history to prove yourself. Sadly, the effects of this can follow someone around for a lifetime, especially when it comes to purchasing a new or second hand car.

Here at Car Finance 4U we don’t believe they should. We believe everyone deserves a chance. That’s why we provide a special service for people who, for one reason or another, may have a bad credit rating. Our car finance is perfect even if you have concerns about your credit history.

  • Low rates starting at 5.0%
  • No deposit required
  • All circumstances considered
  • Decision made in 15 minutes
  • We can deliver the car to your home address

Car Finance 4U believes in working hand-in-hand with customers who have a bad credit history to come up with a plan that is suitable for everyone. We will search for the most suitable car finance solution for you and offer guidance, advice and tips on how to repair your credit rating with proper use of our deal.

You simply choose a vehicle, agree to our fair repayment terms and pop your signature on the paperwork. After that, we can not only get you on track to paying for the car you want, we can also deliver it straight to your home so you can get behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Why go to Car Finance 4U if you have bad credit?

95% of the people who use our Car Finance 4U service return to use it again, proving that we are among the most reliable services for providing car finance in the United Kingdom. We also have a lot of knowledge and experience of the industry as we have been working in car finance for just under two decades.

Car Finance 4U caters to people all around the country regardless of their credit rating. Whether you have a bad history as a result of mortgage arrears, CCJs or any other payment issues, we are able to come up with a suitable plan just for you.